Animal Case
Artichoke dress case
Art of tea case
Asparagus case
Believe case
Bonbon case
Boovy case
Cappuccino case
Carrot King case
Catnip case
Cat on Bike case
Cat Pajamas case
Chausson case
Chocolate case
Circus case
Clothesline case
Clouds case
Fushia case
Go girl case
Hummingbird case
In love case
Fridah Kahlo case
Kitty Circus case
Luna case
Modern case
Moon & Star case
Olive shoe case
Peapod dress case
Petite case
Petunia case
Poppy dress case
Salad of shoes case
Sauce case
Shoefly Pie case
Shoe lover case
Sisterhood case
Soul cat case
Strawberry dress case
Tigerlilly case
Tulip dress card
Vegetarian cafe case

   Includes gift box 

     Dimensions:  Aprox 3 3/4  x 2 1/2 x 1/4"

Finish:  Nickel plated with gloss image

     Also good for drivers License, credit cards, etc...
            Copyright © 
          Wendy Costa
          All rights reserved